​River Towne Properties health club is located on the East Grand Forks property. It has many great features including electronic key fob entry, racquetball courts, numerous cardiovascular and strength training machines, a tanning bed and free weight center. 


Tanning Bed (Quarter operated)
6 minutes      $1.50
10 minutes    $2.50
12 minutes    $3.00
14 minutes    $3.50
16 minutes    $4.00
20 minutes   $5.00

You cannot exceed 20 minutes in the tanning bed.

Tenant Membership Rates
Monthly                                $25.00
Single Yearly                        $200.00
Family Yearly                        $300.00

General Public Rates
Student (Student ID must be provided)        $30.00
Monthly                $40.00
Single Yearly       $400.00
Family Yearly      $600.00

Guest Fee                $5.00                                                 

Century Health Club
1800 5th Ave NE, East Grand Forks, MN  56721
Open 24/7
Rules and Regulations

-Lockers are to be used only while working out. Nothing shall be stored overnight. All locks that are not removed will be cut off and contents will be removed. 

-All food and beverages will be limited except for two areas: the locker rooms and the landing (lounge area) on the main floor. All members and guests are responsible for putting their trash in designated containers. Water bottles may be used in all areas.

-Machines will have a 45 minute limit during peak hours. 

-All weights must be put away after use and the bars are to be left empty.

-Disinfectant wipes are available to wipe down all machines before and after use. 

-During peak hours there is a one hour limit on the usage of racquetball courts. Members must provide their own equipment. Members of the racquetball league must be members of the health club.

-The tanning bed must be cleaned before and after each use (disinfectant is provided - DO NOT use the disinfectant wipes for the exercise machines). Protective eye-wear should be worn when the tanning bed is in use. No outdoor tanning oils allowed. Tanning bed is use at your own risk.

-All guests fees must be paid before entering the facility. Envelopes are provided and should be placed in the rent box.

-Keys are to be purchased by members at a cost of $10.00 each (nonrefundable).  Violators accused of allowing anyone into the health club who is not a paid member or has not paid the guest fee will have their membership terminated without refund.

-No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the health club. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

-No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the health club.